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  1. Alien Gear Holsters
    Concealed Carry During Hot Weather - Four Tips to Make CCW Life Easier How to Carry Concealed When It?s Hot Outside - Alien Gear Holsters Blog Concealed carry is immeasurably easier spring, fall, and winter than it is in summer. Here are some tips to enjoy the warmth without revealing your...
  2. Gun Talk
    Apparently, our nation's legacy of American exceptionalism is alive and well, as demonstrated by those common, law-abiding Californians who have chosen to stake their names, faces, and professional reputations in the name of defending that which is greater than themselves--the basic...
  3. Gun Talk
    Despite the Golden State's national reputation of being a lost cause, civil rights activists in California are standing up in defense of the 2nd Amendment in dramatically-growing numbers and the gun control lobby is reeling from this public outcry against their highly-unpopular agenda. Don't...
1-3 of 3 Results