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  1. Gun Talk
    Apparently, our nation's legacy of American exceptionalism is alive and well, as demonstrated by those common, law-abiding Californians who have chosen to stake their names, faces, and professional reputations in the name of defending that which is greater than themselves--the basic...
  2. Gun Talk
    Looks like gun rights advocacy is increasingly coming in all forms, especially among women. Yoga instructor and mother of two teenagers, Michelle Comeaux Howard, finds that defending her 2nd Amendment Rights fits perfectly with the discipline, dedication, and perseverance she embraces in...
  3. Gun Talk
    South Bay Open Carry member and former US Marine, Christopher Hacopian, shows Assemblyman Anthony Portantino why a common, law-abiding Californian might need a handgun to buy a cheeseburger. The Assemblymember's empty, anti-gun rhetoric holds no water when challenged with reality. Restaurant...
  4. Gun Talk
    California politics has a notorious reputation for its corruption and hypocrisy. AB 144 is the perfect example. AB 144--A Paradigm Of California's Disgraced Political Culture - Oakland Gun Rights | Examiner.com
  5. Gun Talk
    After 32 years in office, San Francisco County Sheriff Michael Hennessey believes that every common, law-abiding Californian's basic, fundamental, and enumerated civil right to self-defense does not deserve to be honored within his jurisdiction. What do you think? Is San Francisco County...
  6. Gun Talk
    Open Carry advocate, Karen Nixon, wants nothing more than to be able to defend herself from being the victim of violent crime for the third time. Yet, Assemblyman Anthony Portantino wants to take that right to self-defense away from her. Is this our government at work? Robbed Twice In Public...
1-6 of 6 Results