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After looking at Mr DiFabio's extremely interesting post regarding the expansion of various .45 caliber bullets, I wondered if perhaps 10mm is more handicapped than I have always considered by its lack of variety in loadings.

The only loads available in (quasi)full power are: XTP 180gr @ 1180fps, XTP 200gr @ 1050fps, GD 180gr @ 1200fps, 175gr ST @ 1290fps.

Only three bullet designs, luckily the XTP and GD are both excellent (I am not a Silvertip fan). But is there truly any advantage then to a 10mm? Loads like the Winchester Ranger-T 230gr @ ~1000fps (cf. Mr DiFabio) are not far from 10mm territory, have a larger diameter (never bad), and are overall more widely available, though for that specific load one must search around a bit. The only indisputable advantage it has is an extra round in a 1911.

Basically, is there any point nowadays to the mighty 10mm?

On a related note, does anyone have experience with VV N105 in handguns? How is the flash? or the new 3N38?

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Sorry for the delay I am getting caught up and just saw this thread:

Is their a reason for the 10mm absolutely!

I should begin by noting that the performance gap has narrowed considerably given the latest generation of 230gr+P JHP .45acp loadings form the wide gap that existed given the relatively early beginnings of the .45acp JHP design as a defensive loading.

Further in the current configuration a 1911 or any good autopistol equipped with a 4.5" - 5 barrel" in .45acp loaded with a 230gr+P Winchester Ranger Talon or 230gr Gold Dot loading is probably at the highest realm of defensive handgun effectiveness currently achievable.
In all seriousness and the desire to "tinker" aside their is very little to be gained by going beyond this combination and you can very quickly begin to lose defensive pistol platform effectiveness in a series of trade offs as you begin to climb the "power" scale.

Although it may seem to serve lttle to no purpose currently the 10mm's advantages are easy to see and mostly in the realm of hunting performance. One can also tie the advantages/capabilities into the role of defensive pistol cartridge.

Below are a few of the main advantages we should consider:
1. the 10mm when properly loaded gives exceptional penetration even with expanding handgun bullets.
2. Ballistically the 10mm is capable of longer ranges and potentially "greater" accuracy then all but the 9x23 and .357 Sig.
3. In comparison to the .45acp you will realize an additional increase in magazine capacity.
4. The 10mm is very impressive when used in a short barreled carbine as a possible tactical scenario with your matched auto pistol.

Their are some realtively new upstart challengers to the 10mm throne that are also very good, the .400 Corbon is a relatively mild cartridge that postions itself just under the full power 10mm and far above the .40S&W.

The .40 Super is a very powerful cartridge that can exceed the 10mm in effectiveness but gives up both controlability under rapid fire and a slight reduction in capacity.
The .45 Super is a step up from the .40Super and also suffers from the same handicaps.

The .460 Rowland is a very impressive cartridge and my Clark barreled Kimber .460 Rowland launches a 230gr Gold Dot +P bullet from Georgia Arms @ 1,240fps.
But it does require a compensated pistol and it is fairly "heavy" in both muzzle blast and recoil in even moderately rapid fire.

Although it is interesting to "push" the limits, I believe the .460 is probably the maximum laoding one can utilize in the 1911 platform and I would see more advantage to the .40Super or the 10mm.
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