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10mm and Pin Shooting

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Has anyone here used a 10mm at pin shoots?How was it?How about follow up shots?

Have Fun and Shoot Straight

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Yes, the 10mm is alive and well for PinShooting! In fact, the unofficial world record for a six table set is 14.78 I believe, set in Topton,PA in 1999. it was sweet, I got to see it happen too! The gun in question was a hybridcomped 10mm. Several A Class shooters have them and after shooting them, I am having one built right now. In a comped gun the recoil recovery with the smaller diameter bullet is dramatic compared to the same power factor in the .45. Dont get me wrong, I have 3 .45 pinguns and wont be getting rid of them anytime soon([email protected] 910fps), but I have shot 230 powerfactor loads out of a 10mm and shot to shot was still manageable. It will give you quicker shot to shot splits and it will give you full benefit from the comp with all the gas.
I have been shooting pins since '93, and really miss Second Chance. My rationale is that if I can shoot pins really fast with guns with a power factor of 210+, I can hopefully shoot my 9mm beretta really fast/accurately when the crap hits the fan at o-dark-thirty. I also prefer the SW 610 for the 8pin revolver event, faster splits between pins and it reloads almost as fast, but not as fast as the 625. The 610 loaded with 220gr bullets at around 900fps makes an incredible stock gun also. Yeah, I like the 10mm for pins, can ya tell? Be safe, DougC
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Thanks Dougc ,I guess I have a new Pin Gun
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