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10mm Kimber conversion?

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I'm thinking of getting a Kimber .40 and having it converted to 10mm. I was wondering about how much such a conversion would run and who would be the best to do it, now that Brian has passed.

Also, is it possible to get another slide and have the same weapon set up in 9x23/.38 super.
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Seems like the conversion from 40 to 10 wouldn't be too difficult. Seems like the critical parts would be barrel, recoil spring, ejector, extractor and firing pin. Not sure who would be able to do it and what the cost would be, but I could recommend George Smith at EGW as a place to start. George has built one gun for me and has several others on his to do list. The conversion to 9x23 seems to me to be a little more problematical as the care would be needed in selection of the ejector, unless you planned on switching that with calibers. Not surebut if the gun was set for the 9x23/38 slide and 10mm uses a large primer..is there the possiblity of a strike. anyway..good luck
I've seen the 9x23 conversion on a 10mm gun, in fact I think it was an EGW. The ejector is the same but you would have to comprimise on the angle and lentgh to do both. Same with the extractor. Its probably best to fit two slides. Also I believe you can ream the forty out to a ten but if you want a dual caliber gun, buy the ten barrel. I've fired forties out of my tens but accuracy sucks.
I traded for a Caspian single stack in .40 S&W before the end of last year. I talked to Brian about what would be needed to convert this pistol to 10mm. It has a Nowlin standard non-ramped barrel. We could go at it two ways. One have it go to 10mm only, or have it 10/40. I want (have not done it yet) it 10/40. What Brian said was, put another barrel in it, the extractor and ejector will still work. Go to a 20# recoil spring for 165 to 185 PF loads for IDPA and look at either a 22 or 24# for true 10mm loads. If we wanted to do away with .40, we could have just reamed to barrel and checked the throating.

I called Nowlin after Brian's passing to ask about the barrel. They confirmed what Brian said. Hopefully by the end of the year, it will get a 10mm barrel fitted and take care of the details to go both 10 and .40.
I have a ParaOrd (keep yo' commments to yourself, my Paras work fine! :wink:) P16 that I had converted to 10mm with an Ed Brown barrel. Now, contrary to the advertisment, the barrel was not drop in and I ship the entire shooting match off to Ed Brown for fitting of the barrel. I tell ya what that barrel is tighter then a virgin on prom night.

I am quite pleased with the conversion. Ain't nuttin' like have 18+1 (with the +2 bumper) in the pistol! Accuracy is fine. The .40S&W barrel was quite accurate for a .40S&W.

I have a 22lb, 24lb and a 26lb the Para. The 26lb is a little bit on the stiff side. The 24lb spring is what I currently have in the pistol. The 26lb and 24lb spring have a nasty habit of battering the Georgia Arms ammo into the case as the ammo skips up the feed ramp. The GA ammo is the only ammo thus far that this has happened to though.

I am quite pleased with conversion on my P16.

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