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Greetings all!
Mossrock-I have an HK USP 45 Compact(converted to .40 Super),
it has quite a few mega-powered rounds through it without
any signs of fatigue(I have a friend that runs a machine shop
that has zygloed and x-ray'd it after every shoot), it shoots
great(albeit with a fair amount of recoil).

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Hello Mossyrock!
The only "conversion" that was needed was a Bar-Sto barrel,
that Irv III cut an "o-ring groove" like the Expert and Socom
guns have(I supplied the green o-ring, automotive a/c r-134),
then I had Novak's fit it correctly and crown the barrel.
They also polished the ramp and chamber, and "loosened" up
the rifling a wee bit(mostly hand lapping). I did have the
trigger, reliability and Trijicons done by Actions By T-an
incredible job, because I wouldn't have bothered converting
it as crappy as the stock trigger was. And in case anyone
"beefs", I have a lot of ammo thru this gun, whether it be
.40 Super(mostly), .45 Super(tactical loads-just stronger
brass, Texas Ammunition states that it is OK in modern .45's)
or +P .45 ACP loads. Matter of fact, I don't think I've ever
put a "standard" .45 ACP load thru this gun!!!I don't really
care to argue who shoots the most, who's got what, who's
pecker is bigger, etc...maybe I just got lucky and have a
really good USP?! What they call in the auto industry, a
wednesday car!!!

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Mr. Jacobson did the following: Polished the breech face to a
mirror finish, de-burred the extractor hook and polished it,
polished the (then .45) barrel chamber, trigger job(down from
13 lbs DA to 8, and SA from 6 to 4.5-and it's much crisper.
He also replaced something in the trigger return system that
he said was faulty right from HK(I guess you would have to ask
him what it was, he just included it with the action job).
The only thing I know for sure is that this gun is utterly
reliable(never a bobble in excess of 15,000 rounds), accurate,
pretty damn tough, light and easy to carry. But, just like all
plastic guns, it has no soul, meaning no pride of ownership-
it's merely another hammer in my safe, albeit one hell of a
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