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Well, my current department does not allow 1911's even for off duty, but I did do a little study of places that allow it trying to convince my chief. I got the "I'll think about it," look. Which means no. Anyway, here's a little list of who allows it for on-or off-duty:

Downey PD, CA
Culver City PD, CA
Yavapai County Sheriffs Office, AZ
Mt. Vernon PD, IL
Bourbannais PD, IL
Kankakee County Sheriffs Office, IL
Ottawa PD, IL
Denver PD, CO
Denver Co Sheriffs Office, CO
Douglas Co Sheriffs Office, CO
Prescott PD, AZ
Scottsdale PD, AZ
Albequerqe PD, NM
West Frankfort PD, IL
Champaign PD, IL
Metro Las Vegas PD, NV
Sonoma County Sheriff's Department, CA
Richmond PD, CA
Ukiah PD, CA
Pierce CO, WA
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale PD
And a whole bunch of little rural "backwater" PD's all over this great nation where they actually hire a chief or elect a sheriff that might know something about guns and not get worried that it's "cocked." I was very much impressed with the one university on the list, very enlightened of them. One of the reasons I would like to transfer there.


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I originally had this elsewhere, thought it may get more appropriate responses from here.

This topic seemed appropriate for the following question, but if the moderators would prefer a different area, whatever, feel free.

I have always been a bit curious as to what the LAPD Swat team does to their 1911's. Also, rumor has it that the USMC still uses 1911's in some format (possibly with Recon?), and that some of the other spec-opish folks have use for them. Much was made to do about the FBI's use of them for their SWAT teams, but I've never heard anything about the previous, especially LAPD. I'd be interested to see what they do to them (if anything), as I would imagine the pistols of these folks lead a hard life.

Anybody have good info?

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