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38 Super Extractor

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Is there a difference between 45ACP and 38 Super extractors? I recently purchased a Series 70 38 Super and the extractor doesn't grip the shell casing at all. It's either the wrong extractor (if that's possible) or in need of some serious fitting.
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THere is a difference..I'll try and find one of each and photograph them for you..
Every extracter has to be fit to the rim of the case your shooting. Even the 9mm and 38 super are different since one has a depper rim. Once it it fit to the case and the leading edge chamfered,angled and polished. Then you set the tension.

here is a 38 super extractor on top and a 45 on bottom..major difference is in the mid-section of the extractor...and from there you need to tweak the extractor to hold the case with the right amount of tension. Hope that helps
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