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.38 Super for defense

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I was wondering what is the preferred .38 super self defense ammo? If one is to use a Commander length 1911.
Thanks in advance.
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I would choose the Corbon 124gr (sorry typo-edit) jhp as it provides good velocity and good performance out of the commander and Officer length guns.

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I use Georgia Arms 147 grain Gold Dots

Really amazing accuracy
I always liked PMC Ball ammo.I know it isn`t hollow point ammo but it won`t jam and will hit the target if you do your part.
If you get Winchester Silvertips in 125Gr they also nickelplate the cases, so you look like the Lone Ranger when you load up. Nice round also -- it's the 9X23 Win's "punk" brother.
On 2001-10-29 15:38, David DiFabio wrote:
I would choose the Corbon 125gr jhp as it provides good velocity and good performance out of the commander and Officer length guns.
Mr. DiFabio,
Having read quite a number of your posts, and knowing Cor Bon's reputation for bullets that fragment easily, this recomendation surprised me. Could you please comment on this?

I'm not sure of the question as I have also commented that I really like the Hornandy XTP bullet and 1,400fps is a good velocity with good energy unless they changed the bullet I remain unsure,what else do you need to know?
David, what the person who asked the question about your CorBon recommendation may not know is that Corbon uses a variety of different bullets in their loads. Some use Sierra JHPs, some use Hornady XTPs, some others probably use bulk Rem or Winchesters. Some of your past negative comments about Corbon applied to the 115 grain JPH for 9mm which uses the Sierra JHP. This bullet does expand and fragment easily. It pays to find out what bullet is being used in the various CorBon loads. Ken
Thanks for the feedback, I was not aware that Corbon was still swapping bullets among the lines.

Also, I don't dislike Corbon the company, I dislike the fact that they dropped the GD bullets from their line to increase profitability. Also, I don't think their ammo is poorly made, I believe that a great many of the loads they make are quite good some of these Corbon picks are the 10mm 180gr sp full power, .41 Magnum 210gr jhp, the .44 mag 305gr fp, the .444 Marlin 280gr bonded penetrator, the .400 Corbon 165gr bonded jhp and the disconiuned .38scpl 158gr LSWCHP +P+.
OK, I am guilty of assuming the Cor Bon .38 Super ammo to which you referred is loaded with the Sierra bullets. If they are loaded with XTPs, then it's a totally different animal. The only Cor Bon ammo I have ever used is 9mm 115 gr, and I have a box of .45 ACP 230 gr. They are both loaded with Sierra JHC bullets. The Cor Bon test articles I have seen in gun rags use these same Sierra JHC bullets and have shallow penitration and usually fragment in test media. My own testing into water filled milk jugs show Sierras extreme fragmentation and often they don't make it past the first or second jug. Hornady XTPs do not fragment unless you shoot them WAY faster than their velocity envelope, and they usually penitrate into the 4th or 5th jug. I've done this with 9mm, 9X25 Dillon, 40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, 45 Super,and a few others. On the other hand, I've never know anyone who had to defend themselves against an attacking milk jug. :smile:
FWIW, I like Hornady XTPs for deep penitration with moderate expansion and Speer Gold Dot's for medium penitration and good expansion. Sierras work great on ground hogs. Well, here I've got to rambling and gone off topic a bit. Sorry.....

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No problem I called Jerry's this morning and ordered two boxes of Corbon .38 Super to make sure that I am giving the correct advice and to determine what bullet they are currently using.
As soon as I can get the 9mm project done I plan on testing the .38 Super as my last tests were done in 98 and I want to see if it has improved or declined in performance.
I stand corrected on one item. I e-mail Corbon and they stated that they use NO Hornady bullets. They have their bullets contract manufactured for them by several manufacturers. Their sources for bullets is proprietary information, but they did say no Hornadys. Pays to buy at least a box of any load you are interested in and test the bullet performance for yourself since they do use bullets from different sources. Ken
I've gotta say that quite honestly I do not understand them first they stop using Gold Dots, now Hornandys, what could the real cost savings be?

They have a good idea and they have made some very good loads in the past, the 200gr GD +P was one of my favorite loads and I bought several cases of the 230gr GD+P back when it was still available.

Then they stop making my favorite .38 special LSWCHP +P+ and that was a very, very good .38spcl load. The lead bullet they used was quite soft and deformed to a very nice .55 to .60 semi square hard shouldered slug when fired into gelatin and I even used it on a deer fired from a 3" L frame with very good results for a .38spcl.

Why can't they leave good enough alone?!!!

Sorry for the rant/venting guys....
I'm going to test this "new" .38 Super ammo but I will probably not like it if it is suffers from the same fragmenting and underpenetration.

We shall see shortly.
Fortunately Pro Load makes a lot of good Gold Dot loads now. :grin:
Here is the response I got from Corbon about 9x23 loads. I asked if they would consider coming out with a 9x23 load.


Direct from their mouth. Hope Winchester doesn't stop making 9x23 carry ammo. Do any of the custom loaders put together 9x23 loads? Ken
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