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.40 S&W 155 Gr. Lead Loads

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I've been working with 155 Gr. lead semi-wadcutters in .40 S&W and wonder if anyone has any "pet" loads using Unique or BlueDot? I'm aware of the KB problem with Glocks, but would still like to use these in a M27 Glock. I understand that VERY thorough cleaning and careful case inspection are essential to avoid KB's. I've not had any problems (so far) with using 6.0 gr. of Unique and RP cases with 155 gr. lead in a Glock, but ...... ??
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Lead reloads

I shoot lead reloads in 9MM and 45ACP, like its going out of style. But, I don't shoot lead out of Glocks. Shooting lead elsewhere, lets me shoot FMJ out of Glocks, and I don't have to worry about KB's. By the way, my buddy blew his Glock 30 (KB)....guess what...lead reloads. IMO
I shot a lot of lead

out of my Model 23, hard-cast 175 grain SWC's over 4.2 grains of Red Dot. No KB's.

I also shot some jacketed rounds after every 50 or 100 lead rounds, and used the bore brush religiously.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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