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I am getting an itch for something new in the gun relm and I came across the .400 Corbon. So my question is, is it worth buying a barsto barrel and having it fitted to my Series 80 1911A1? Does anyone have any info as to the added wear and tear on the gun? And does anyone know what kind of accuracy to expect. Any help would be appreciated.


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Have a 400CorBon barrel for my Ruger KP-90. I really enjoy shooting the round, but be forewarned - IT IS EXPENSIVE!!! The "cheap" 150gr FMJ from CorBon is about $26/box. If you are into firearms esoterica (like I am) and have money sitting around (like I don't:)), then go for it.

The round packs a whallop - upwards of 630fpe at the muzzle with the self-defense JHP rounds. It is VERY accurate in my KP-90, although it shoots a little low.

If you go this route, get an extra power recoil spring for your gun from Wolff. While the 400CorBon round is loaded to SAAMI .45ACP specs, is it snappier than .45ACP and needs the extra lock time from the HP spring. Finding the exact poundage spring for your gun is kind of a trial-and-error process. Start heavy and work down until you get reliable functioning, but not too far as you will begin to get drag marks on the primers from premature unlocking of the barrel.

I like the .400, it offers a very nice and smooth way to get 10mm velocities out of a standard .45acp gun.

While it can be snappy in an alloy or polymer framed gun, the bullet weights are very low and slide velocities stay high enough that it really is more of a mild push into your hand.

I would reccomend that you use a set of adjustable sights when developing your cross-caliber gun as p.o.a. can vary when moving through the 135-200gr bullet weight spread.

My favorite load is one that was sadly dropped by Corbon, the 155gr Gold Dot bonded JHP.

This round clocks 1,350fps from my 5" Les Baer super tac.

One point to keep in mind is that the .400 gives up "ground" pretty quickly as barrel length decreases.
To achieve full "power" I would use a 5" gun and a 6" 1911 would make a very nice hunting pistol when loaded with 200gr soft points.

The edit is for the accuracy numbers, my Baer came with the 1" guarnatee and will place five rounds of Corbon 155gr BHP into .83" @ 25 yards.
Barrel and pistol life should be very good as the .400 is a fairly low pressure round.
Think, Plan, Train, Be Safe.

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