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Here at the school we go through a lot of ammo, and we get it from major distributors, so we have fresh, current production ammo. I had the chronograph out today and checked a few of the loads we had on hand. Temp was 80 degrees, lot of humidity. Gun was a Kimber 5".
Federal C45C, 185JHP, 950 fps
Winchester, USA45A, 185 FMJ, 901 fps
Winchester Q4170, 230 FMJ, 732 fps
Winchester USA45JHP, 230 JHP, 801 fps
Hornady, #9112, 200 XTP, 899 fps

The Winchester 185 FMJ might be a good IDPA load. It is just over the minimum power factor for CDP and has very light recoil.
The Winchester 230 JHP listed above is very accurate. In my guns it groups under 2" at 30 yards.
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