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In Nov 1997 I saw the results of Mas shooting a G30 here in Sacramento during one of his classes. Mas shot our local Sheriff's Dept qualification course, getting one of the top scores ever in the Department's history. I saw a one hole group smaller than my fist. Not too bad :smile:....

On 2001-07-25 00:08, Jake Salyards wrote:
Chris, Massad Ayoob has commented on the glock 30's ability to shoot really acurately. His position on that is that the shorter slide being equally wide as the G21 makes for a very stiff barrel lock up and minimum vibration during firing, or something like that anyway. His position is that the glock 30 is the most accurate of all the glocks, including the long slide variants. The only handicap is the short sight radius. Anyway, I'm glad your gun is serving you well.
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