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Does anyone here shoot a .45super? If so, how do u like it and give description, please.

I have a spare gun and am thinking of conversion if I can find a 32# recoil spring.
I can always make one on the lathe, but I prefer to buy one. thx, guys!
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On 2001-04-01 09:36, 1911A1 wrote:
Does anyone here shoot a .45super? If so, how do u like it and give description, please.

I have a spare gun and am thinking of conversion if I can find a 32# recoil spring.
I can always make one on the lathe, but I prefer to buy one. thx, guys!
I have two .45 Super pistols, the first one came from Springfield as the V-16 6" and the second one is a 5" Heinie .45 that I reworked for .45 Super. I have recently converted into .40 Super wich is a far superior cartridge combination.
The V-16 was fairly accurate with the Buffalo Bore 230gr XTP's and the Triton 165gr
quick shock. Texas ammunition makes a hot rodded .45 Super load called the express for use in the V-16 or any heavily ported/comped gun, I used it on a 140lb doe with very good effect at 67 yards.
In a 5" gun I would not reccomend the 32lbs spring as the 28 is really overkill.
The pressure is not that high and it is easier on the shooter to allow the gun to unlock a little earlier.
I have a lot of 10mm, .357 Sig, and 9x23 pistols and carbines and I am, seriously impressed with the .40 Super.
It is bottle necked and feeds from slide lock with a smoothness that is I have only seen in the Sig .357 pistols and very well fit 9x23 Govt model pistols.
I am using a Barsto oversize Bull barrel in my Heinie that I fit and with the 135gr loads
I can routinely print four rounds into 7/8"
at 25 yards. I am attenuating to the sharp "snap" the pistol has and as an FYI the first 10 boxes of 135's I got from Triton clocked and average 1875 fps. over my Oehler screens
on a 56 degree February afternoon at the Twin S shooting range.
I have not had a chance to take any game yet with the pistol, I plan to go for Groundhogs
in April (at 100 yards a 3" hold over places me on center). I did mix up some Kind and Knox ordinance glatin in two 18" blocks one covered with a denim jacket and deer hide and one plain.
In the covered block the the devastation was unbelievable the first 4-5 inches were completely pulverized in a 2-3" cone shape that was well "just ruptered" and the Quick Shock round seperated into four pieces as advertised with small pieces of copper jacket, they came to rest at 6.49", 6.77",
8"(switched from 6"caliper to 12"ruler),and approx. 8.5".
I have only seen one handgun round literally destoy the entire first 4" of a block before and that was the Mag Safe .45acp Max +p+ round.
The bare block was perplexing as the rounds penetrated in the 9-13" range, send me an email and I will work to put together some type of report off line as I intend to coninue experimenting, I am currently working on my own load using the .165gr Winchester SXT-R bullet, I am waiting on my first order of brass.
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Great post David. I have been following with interest the development of the .40 Super. The ballistics are compelling. For those not familiar with the round, it is basically a 45 Win Mag, necked down to .40 caliber, with the case lengthened to 10mm (.992"). I see you got a little more zip from your chrono than the 1800 fps that Triton claims for the 135 gr. loads. It would seem Triton is being somewhat conservative with their numbers.

I have looked at the new .38 Casull load Dick Casull has developed, but IMO the .40 Super does more. They are claiming 1800 fpf for a 124 gr. bullet -- out of a six" barrel. Other than marketing reasons, I still can't see why they are pushing the .38 Casull.

Feel free to post any more data you collect. I think there is more interest than you might imagine. TIA.

Hey, I like bottlenecks!
I too was intrigued when the .40 Super was introduced. I did a lot of testing a while back with the .400 Cor-Bon and was astounded at the ballistics it would produce (I had 135JHP's going 1598 out of a 5" barrel - lots of N105) and know that the .40 Super has the potential to really perform. Building my first one now for a customer, and I will be checking to see if I can use my Cor-Bon reamers (and loading dies) for it. Shoulders look the same - Triton sent me samples) and neck diameters are only .110" off. Worth a try. The sizing die will be a little short, of course, but will that massive case really need resizing right down to the extractor groove??

In my area (500 miles north of the Canadian border)we use bear guns, and I kind of like the idea of a stainless Para Ordnance - what else? - in .40 Super/200grain. Not QUITE a .44Mag, but 11 rounds?

I agree about the .38 Casull - probably a good coyote handgun, but really? Maybe in a commander sized gun with the 124's for people (oops, can't say that in Canada) but I don't know what the slide speed would do to feeding, or control. Would need some REAL stiff mag springs. Interesting...
Ask me about the .30 Armco caliber sometime.
Gunnar Christensen
Armco Machine & Plating
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I did say .110" difference in neck diameters between .400 Cor-Bon and .40Super, didn't I? I meant .001", of course.

My apologies.

Gunnar Christensen
I dunno why Gunnar, but when I first read your post, I thought you said beer gun, eh? :smile: )

Not sure if I wouldn't rather have six rounds of .454 Casull out of a Ruger SuperRedhawk, than 11 round of .40 Super from a Para. Dem bears cover a lot of ground QUICKLY! :eek:

I have added a new .40 Super pistol to my collection this week and the Heineie with some cash went in a trade for a damascus David Broadwell subhilt fighter w/ivory fossil handle .
Back to the new gun,
It started out life as a .45 STI Trojan 5" blued gun, it quickly became a 5" .45 Super.
(remember they did warn us that power was all corrupting and consuming). On Friday my Barsto 5" .40 Super barrel came (funny how fast 9 weeks can pass..).
I plan to experiment with it and some new 200 grain loads over the next few weeks and will keep you posted.
I might add that this may prompt me to clean out my 10mm collection as I am becoming seriously found of this caliber/combination.
For us HK heads I also have a Barsto barrel on order for my USP, yes I thought of my P9 but the roller lock will never holdup...

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I realized this past weekend that my HK USC can use .45 Super ammunition. So I loaded up some of Tim's Buffalo Bore 230gr loads and departed to the range. I was quite surprised/impressed as the HK functioned flawlessly for 250 rounds(Ok, so they always do) now I have a 10 round .45 Super carbine. My best 25 yard group for five rounds was .89" from a rest, handheld was 1.2". Not exactly match grade accuracy but the power to weight ratio has gone way up and it may replace my 10mm Olmypic Arms as my favorite lightweight carbine.
I intend to do some "Chrony" work on the next nice day at the outdoor range.
OOPS!FIXME!, about your 45Super questions.
A #32 recoil spring can be obtained from http://www.gunsprings.com, although they don't list 'em you can still ask for them.

I have two of the #32 springs in case I decide to ever beat the living crap out of my 1911! That is a hell of a lot of force on the return stroke.

As for the 40Super DesertDog, I tried to get Irving Stone at Bar-Sto to get my double-stack P-14Limited to function with one of his barrels, IT DID NOT!!!

Even with the addition of a Caspian Arms "single stack conversion kit" to allow use of standard 1911 mags. NO JOY!

I e-mailed Jarvis barrels to ask for a second opinion, they concured with Bar-Sto and won't attempt it.

Something about the ramp on the Para's barrel and the nose dive effect of bottlenecked cartridges in doublestack mags.
I have been using some new .45 Super Express 230gr JHP loads with Hornandy XTP bullets and they look quite promising.
They are made by the Texas Ammunition Co. and they spec at 1200fps and 736 ft.lbs of muzzle energy from the Springfield V-16. They are very controllable and muzzle blast/flash is moderate. They also offer a .185gr XTP at 1400 fps and 805 ft.lbs of muzzle energy. These rounds offer a tremendous boost in 100 yard range and shooting ability from the 1911 governement model platform.
Hi folks!
As David knows by now, I have an HK USP .45 Compact that I've
converted to .40 Super. It's a marriage made in heaven, you
just have to hold on! It's better when you use the hooked
floorplates. The only bad news is that nobody offers a heavy
recoil spring/guide rod for the little HK, so I replace them
after every 200 rounds, just in case. This combo is great
medicine while hiking where black bears and cougars lurk, I
have shot ol' Wile E. Coyote with it, and it about skinned him
where he stood. I usually use 10mm, and like it's ballistics
(when loaded to real 10mm power), but this round really blows
it away-it's just more abusive to the gun. Just watch your
springs and inspect your gun regularly and there should't be
to much problem.
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