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Hey, I like bottlenecks!
I too was intrigued when the .40 Super was introduced. I did a lot of testing a while back with the .400 Cor-Bon and was astounded at the ballistics it would produce (I had 135JHP's going 1598 out of a 5" barrel - lots of N105) and know that the .40 Super has the potential to really perform. Building my first one now for a customer, and I will be checking to see if I can use my Cor-Bon reamers (and loading dies) for it. Shoulders look the same - Triton sent me samples) and neck diameters are only .110" off. Worth a try. The sizing die will be a little short, of course, but will that massive case really need resizing right down to the extractor groove??

In my area (500 miles north of the Canadian border)we use bear guns, and I kind of like the idea of a stainless Para Ordnance - what else? - in .40 Super/200grain. Not QUITE a .44Mag, but 11 rounds?

I agree about the .38 Casull - probably a good coyote handgun, but really? Maybe in a commander sized gun with the 124's for people (oops, can't say that in Canada) but I don't know what the slide speed would do to feeding, or control. Would need some REAL stiff mag springs. Interesting...
Ask me about the .30 Armco caliber sometime.
Gunnar Christensen
Armco Machine & Plating
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