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OOPS!FIXME!, about your 45Super questions.
A #32 recoil spring can be obtained from http://www.gunsprings.com, although they don't list 'em you can still ask for them.

I have two of the #32 springs in case I decide to ever beat the living crap out of my 1911! That is a hell of a lot of force on the return stroke.

As for the 40Super DesertDog, I tried to get Irving Stone at Bar-Sto to get my double-stack P-14Limited to function with one of his barrels, IT DID NOT!!!

Even with the addition of a Caspian Arms "single stack conversion kit" to allow use of standard 1911 mags. NO JOY!

I e-mailed Jarvis barrels to ask for a second opinion, they concured with Bar-Sto and won't attempt it.

Something about the ramp on the Para's barrel and the nose dive effect of bottlenecked cartridges in doublestack mags.
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