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Hi folks!
As David knows by now, I have an HK USP .45 Compact that I've
converted to .40 Super. It's a marriage made in heaven, you
just have to hold on! It's better when you use the hooked
floorplates. The only bad news is that nobody offers a heavy
recoil spring/guide rod for the little HK, so I replace them
after every 200 rounds, just in case. This combo is great
medicine while hiking where black bears and cougars lurk, I
have shot ol' Wile E. Coyote with it, and it about skinned him
where he stood. I usually use 10mm, and like it's ballistics
(when loaded to real 10mm power), but this round really blows
it away-it's just more abusive to the gun. Just watch your
springs and inspect your gun regularly and there should't be
to much problem.
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