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625 holsters

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I would like a straight-drop (i.e., no cant), open holster for my 625 to use inIPSC competition. Slight preference for leather, but open to suggestions? Any recommendations?
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Try Kramer, his holsters for Mountain Guns are an order item with Dillon. Regards, Richard
You could also try Milt Sparks, he makes one called the HSR that it a real nice "N" frame holster.
The Revo-Quik from Ky-Tac is a superb kydex holster for the 625. Very, very fast. You can find them at http://www.skdtac.com
Just got a 625 too. Does Safariland make something like the 012 style..also where do I find the belt holders for the moon clips...thanks
Don't forget the Alessi-built Heinie DOJ holster. http://www.heinie.com

Brownells http://www.brownells.com stocks the "shoot-the-moon" clip holder (product ID 151-111-000).

Kit Morgan makes a kydex holster for the 625 to your specs as far as cant, belt loop or paddle. He can be reached at [email protected] Super nice guy to work with!! Great quality, Great Price! If you can't get hold of him than email me [email protected] and I'll get in touch for you.
I called Lou Alessi about a holster for a 3" N frame 41 mag that I got and I asked about the DOJ, he told me that he would happily make me one but he recommended a open top and open bottem belt scabbard for it. He told me it would keep the gun in tighter to the body for concealment purposes. I had been wanting a DOJ because it looks cooler, but I trust him on all matters of the holster, so I ordered up the one he suggested. Also ordered a belt and dual mag pouch. He told me about a month on the wait, but I know he is busy right now so his time may be up a little. Anyway, he is a good dude to talk to, I would drop him a line.

Thanks for the suggestions, gentlemen.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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