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Hey, is it really safe to put 9x23 Largo through my 9x23W pistol? If so, man no waiting for that back order JSP stuff for this punk! I'll be running my converted Witness silly on the Largo! :grin:

I know folks have mentioned doing so in other posts, but what's the general feeling about doing so?


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On 2001-08-24 21:46, jm10mm wrote:
Do you have any specs on that Largo stuff? I'm looking for some cheap stuff for those lost brass matches.
Main Largo page:

Largo specs:

Largo vs. Win

This is one of the only places I've found much info so far...still looking.


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Of course it's okay to shoot 9mm Largo (9x23mm in Europe and 9mm Largo in Spain) in a gun chambered for the 9x23mm Winchester, because both cartridges share identical exterior dimensions.
I recently finished assembling a new Colt Enhanced upper with 9x23 Winchester chambered Colt barrel, and grafted it onto a nice Series 80 Govt model frame I had.
Slide was tighter than the original slide (!) and it shoots like a dream with either cartridge.

I can see hanging on to that piece for a long time!

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