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I was at Classic Pistol on Thursday and John Ricco was breifing us on his new Classic Pistol AR15 line.

The raw components are being built by Olympic Arms and EGW is performing some of the modification work (I am not sure to what extent, George?).

The guns are available in 9x23, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .45acp.
They are very slick and have an excellent fit and finish.
John is using Sten magazines as the basis for the conversions but you can also specify UZI mags for a fee.

John has them priced at $899.00 and he is also a class 3 dealer/manufacturer if you would like to purchase a short barreled or full auto gun.

For those that may not know John Ricco is the patent holder and designer of the 9x23 cp round that was later tweaked and changed into the 9x23 Winchester.
George Smith is also listed on the patent for his work with the auto rim design to improve reliability and extraction.

The 9x23 AR's work very well as they are also designed by John and for those interested the muzzle velocity for Winchester factory whitebox is well above 1,800fps.
This gives the 9x23 a whole new range of application and several LE agencies here in PA are in the process of testing the short barreled 9x23 AR's for Tactical Team use.

Classic Pistol
1310 Industrial Blvd.
Southampton, PA 18966
(215) 953-7264

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I would go with one of each. Then tell us which you like. I was up at CP last week and they are sweet. I'm still checking to see if they are legal in the Republic of New Jersey before I buy one and then get arrested and have all my guns confiscated because I became a felon.

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Jm, I am definatly not a lawyer but I was under the impression that any ar15 is legal in NJ as long as it has 5 round or less mags. Which could be one heck of a problem. Of course you still have to meet the pre-ban/post ban requirements, etc.
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