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9x23 mania!

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I recently bought a Destroyer Carbine so I could shoot some Largo and while I was waiting on it was looking at everything I saw that was chambered in 9mm and wondering whether it could be rechambered into 9x23.

Any one know if Marlins "camp carbine" or Keltecs "sub" rifles could be rechambered and mags made to work in 9x23?

what about pistols/subguns like the VZ's but instead a UZI or mp5!!??

How bout a lever action rifle in 9x23?

Any other interesting conversions possible?

I'm obsessed now. :grin: :grin:
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I have heard of M16 converted to 9x23. it shouldn't be that difficult since the case/rim is the same if Iam not mistaken.
AR-15 in 9x23MM, I think the action should work fine, 5.56MM Bolt and a 9MM Barrel with the chamber reamed to 9x23MM from 9x19MM. But what about Magizanes? Sound like a Good Project for later this year.
I think an AR-15 in 9x23 would be pretty cool...you could get some honkin velocities out of that combo...I wonder if there are any 9mm bullets that are up for it?
I believe John Ricco did some experimenting with the 9x23 in a carbine..he may be the one to ask..I believe he is at Classic Indoor Pistol Range. I 'll look for the website..
I hear tell he did convert a AR-15. He's at http://www.classicpistol.com
John did indeed have a Car15 9mm converted to 9x23. I liked the idea enough that I too also had to have one. It is a relatively simple conversion and my next plan is to convert an Olympic Arms gun into 9x23 so I can make use of the "cheaper" magazines than Colts.
David, are you making (or buying) special carbine loads or just using the normal 9x23 ammo? I'm really curious to see how the case volume/barrel length relationship works out as far as velocity...can you stuff enough slow burning powder in there to make use of 16" of barrel?
Just posted some info on the Miscguns forum section about CZ52's and how makarovpistol.com offers bbl's chambered in 9x23largo for them :grin: :grin:

http://www.pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.ph ... forum=22&5
Somehow I overlooked your question.
I use the factory white box ammo and it clocks 1,640fps from my 16.5" Colt top end.
I have not used any reloads in it yet, I am planning to work up a 147gr loading soon.
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