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9x23...would somebody 'splain it to me?

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Hello everyone. Being a new member here, I'd like to first say hi to all and I apologize if this post isn't in the correct forum.

I'm noticing that the 9x23 is becoming pretty popular among the members here and that it seems to be very well liked in a carry gun as well. I'm extremely uninformed about this caliber and if someone would take the time to explain to me what makes it so good, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, and thanks to Dane for the site. I'm enjoying it immensely so far.
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There has been a fair amount written about it in previous threads in both this topic and the 'Pass The Ammunition' topic. Also, there is some information on Dane's Website that you can check out.

I'm sure those more knowledgeble than I will chime in, but basically it is a modern cartridge design (=strong) that gives you .357 Mag performance in a 1911 platform with 10 rounds in a single-stack gun. Pretty cool. :grin:


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It's another zippenzefaster.

If you like smaller/lighter/faster bullets, it's great. Can put more of them in a mag than the 357SIG. Pressure is up there, about 50,000 psi IIRC?

Comparing guns of about the same OAL/bbl length (Glock 35, 5.3/1911, 5.0) the velocities w 125 gr bullets are about the same too.

In gel from a 1911:

Win 125 Silvertip 1463 fps

11/.61 (Metcalf)
10.8/.52(f) (Sanow)

Seen any 38 Casull yet? 125 gr bulets at 1800 fps! 147 at 1650!


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