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A grown man shouldn't have this much fun!

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Been a little busy but I thought you guys might like a little photo essay :grin:

It doesn't seem like a work when you like what you are doing!

This Colt is a first year production stainless with some very mild enhancement 'ala Col. Cooper in style.

Then my customer made the mistake :roll: of falling into the "pistolsmith forum trap" and saw this pistol I posted from a good friend and customer's Armand Swenson's pistol, circa 1969/70.

Sorry Dude!

While not a copy, the rework was influenced by Swenson and Heinie's early work. Nothing to be ashamed of there!

As you can see I like a simple gun. I am lucky enough to have customers who agree with my ideas.

"Have you ever thought...about whatever man builds, that all of man's industrial efforts, all his calculations and cumputations, all the nights spent over working droughts and blueprints, invariably culminate in the production of a thing whose sole and guiding principle is the ultimate principle of simplicity?"

Antoine de Sainte Exupery, WIND, SAND & STARS

That has been my design thought process since 1973 when I first read it...10 years before I built my first 1911.

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Dane, you already have my wallet out there, just take out of it what you need for it...if there is anything leftover, my wife would like it back. Lucky for me, she still thinks I am just holding these gun safes for a friend...who is away in prison. :lol:

Beautiful stuff, man, beautiful stuff.
a 1911 like the swenson with a S&W sight really makes the old ticker speed up.
Can see why you like Ivory so much now.
The close-ups show the grain & texture enough to convey some of the "feel" it must certainly have!
Dane, you're killing me with these pictures!!! You've got to stop posting pictures unless it's one of my pistol, ready to be shipped. Plus, I find myself wandering around the house muttering "I need to find a nice plain 1911 for Dane to work his magic on, no wait, I'd rather have a 9x23, no, ivory grips for all my guns..." You get the idea. :>) Keep turning out both the guns and the pictures.
beautiful work Dane! I personaly like black guns but something this beautiful can change my taste :smile:

showing close up HD photos like these takes some balls and perfect workmanship. I admire Both.

keepin those little hands of yours busy ah Dane :smile:

Ok Dane, how much? I'll take two!! Really nice work!
Mista Shay do have a point...one in black too!
showing close up HD photos like these....
Thanks all for the compliments! HD also allows you to find and see the mistakes @ 5X, like uneven melts and serrations not quite finished. You guys are seeing part of my work product and how I fine my own faults in detailing.

See the difference?

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Danny, you are such a jerk. How about I trade you my sissy dog for that hunk of scrap metal? Seriously, very nice work and not bad photography either.

I see what you mean...The only glitch I personally noticed was a little uneven contouring on the barrel bushing. Your reshoot shows that cleaned up. Interesting way to QC yourself. BTW, what are you using for photographic equipment? Is it a digtal or a scanned 35mm shot?

Wayne Miller

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Mr. D...throw in the kid, the sissy dog and one of your Garthwaite's? They're only worth half of what they were yesterday anyway :grin:

Wayne, the other lapse in detail seen while cleaning up the serrations and bushing, is a crushed boarder line by the ejection port. I recut that one while listening to Eddy ask me why HIS gun wasn't ready yet :smile:

I am using digital, straight into my machine,
no enhancement.

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The Garthwaite's are holding their value a bit better than the NASDAQ's which is a crappy thing since I can't pay for toys at the rate the stock mkt is going. Would you take a couple hundred shares of Cisco for that lump of metal?
How about 500 shares of EXDS?



PS: Dane, that is very beautiful. I recall seeing nothing finer....even in BHPs!

I like the treatment you gave the top of the slide. Is that stipled by hand or do you bead blast it?

I've got a LW Commander sitting in my safe waiting for a little work. Something like that treatment would look nice!
It is a fine hand matte. It is not what I would consider stimple because it would add no grip.

I believe you'll see more of it from at least one of my buddies :grin: I know I will be doing more in chrome and blue as well as stainless again. It was a good idea 35 years ago when Swenson was doing it. Still is!
Do you frequently wave candy canes in front of children too? :smile: Beautiful work....
Speaking of the falling NASDAQ, can I buy these "investment grade" guns and put them in my 401k!? :smile:)
If you find a buyer let me know as I have 40,000 shares of EXDS @ an initial "great" price of 19 when it was something worthwhile?

If life were fair then guns could really be entered into my 401k or Roth IRA.
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