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A pair for all seasons

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These two guns have been a long time in the making. They are both first year production Colt Series 80s. A stainless 5" and a LWT Commander. Both are round top guns, smooth front straps, flat main spring housings (stainless steel serrated on the 5" and hand cut smooth aluminum on the LWT). Beautiful bark ivory grips -- one with Colt medallions and one without. The 5" is full bead blasted stainless, the Commander is finished in hard chrome with polished slide flats and silver Tripp polymer. BarSto, Heinie, Slant Pros with inserts on the 5" and Black T rear plain with an insert on the front of the Commander. Both with narrow custom .110" fronts and LOTS of other details appropriate for each style of gun... a deep concealment piece like the LWT and an all-around 5" like the Goverment Model. The newest BCP Ignition System in both guns (the first and second guns built with these newest sets, unseen in public until now).

Enjoy! I enjoyed building and shooting them.

They were not originally built as a pair. I acquired both guns in trade with my customers a couple of years apart. They were also finished a couple of years apart in my shop.

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I think I speak for everyone when I ask this question:

Why didn't you do anything to pretty up the part of the barrel exposed in the ejection port? It looks all scritchy-scratchy. And don't think the fact that you actually shot these pistols constitutes any sort of excuse. Anyway, ivory is immoral and offends my delicate sensibilities. :razz:

Seriously, very classy as usual.
Again, very nice Dane! I'm glad David took the tempation away from the rest of the forum. Will have to get my CD-ROM ordered too! :grin: Mike
And so begins the drooling again. Once again great looking guns. My wife is going to try and add this site to netnanny's blocking list if I keep looking at all this gun porn :smile:.
"Why didn't you do anything to pretty up the part of the barrel exposed in the ejection port?"
Sheesh, dude I never noticed to be honest. Guess I better gussie that up a bit before I send them off to their new home! Other wise the current owner might think I hood winked him on the "unfired" part of the description.

Damn shiny guns scared the critters anyway. Glad they are gone. That is going to be my new "textured and abused finish" I'll cost ya extra, plus ammo :grin:

Guess I should clean them too now that you mention it! CD you just caused me WAYYYYY too much grief.

I am the photographer...take up your complaints with the pistolsmith. I'm busy...so is he I think :grin:

Yes Bruce while you were abusing me today someone bought them! Nice try on the bribe/threat though to get just one.

Honestly guys, thanks for the compliments and the support of my craft. I have said this before but it is truely my honor to work for good men and women who value my work.

My pleasure :grin:

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So, reading between the lines...I got here too late again???
All kidding aside, wouldn't it be scary if a bad joke on my part made Dane *more* of a perfectionist? :eek:

"This, ah yes, this is a early post-millenial Burns... note the markings left on the barrel from his test firing of the weapon. No doubt due to his quaint pre-occupation with the function of the weapons he made. Another slice of quiche? Why, thank you. How much is it worth? Well, you know what they say if you have to ask..." :grin:
...I have to say Dane...That is truly the most tastefully finished pair I think I ever saw...Absolutely beautifully done work...
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Damn it Dane! Why aren't these things ever for sale when I'm NOT unemployed? Nice pair as usual.
Oh my GOD!
I wish I had the Money I surely would of bought them. Again you are the MASTER!!
Beautiful guns, I’m so jealous now. :sad:
Absoultly the finest 45's I have ever seen. Great work
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