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Hey all, I own an EAA Witness in .38 S that also has a 9x23 barrel for it for years now (.398 S reamed to 9x23). I've put say 750 rounds through the pistol in 9x23 and without fail about 2 times out of every hundred rounds I have an FTE with 9x23.

In .38 S I have not had that problem though, just an occasional mag jam @ round 14 through 11.

What can I do to the extractor to fix this occassional problem?

I have a 22lb Wolff recoil spring in the pistol, but the pistol also had FTEs with the 20lb spring. FWIW, even with the 22lb spring, I need a passport to track down the brass.

Dane has expressed that the EAA isn't quite durable enough to handle prolonged battering from the 9x23. But for the low amount of 9x23 shooting that I plan to do with the pistol, I'm not worried about longevity, just extraction.

Whacha all think?


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