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A Sigma that works

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Hello, I have a .40 S&W Sigma that I like very much. I am looking for other owners. I really want a 357sig barrel for it but haven't seen one yet.
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Yo Actor, I don't think anyone who cruises this board owns a Sigma. It felt great in my hands at a gunshop last year, but the bad stories that I heard steered me away. Best..............Mike
I know three officers that use the Sigma and so far so good. You might want to know that these guys shoot about 250 rounds a year and that is all so I cant say much for the durabilty factor at that rate. Last I knew they all were pleased with them.
Anyway, I've got 2500 rounds through my 40E. Only problem I had was a broken slide stop spring that I replaced at 2400 rounds.

I like it
when i went thru the police academy a couple of years ago two people had sigma 9's and neither one made it thru the academy, extracters broke on both guns. neat thing was these two guys made fun of my .357 glock, because i was only one with that caliber at the end i had last laugh. i have owned three .380 sigmas and shot a couple thousand rounds thru each and never had a problem at all.
As a firearms instructor for our local police academy, I have the opportunity to
see a bunch of different handguns going through our 7 day range session. I can say from experience, almost every shooter who
brings a Sigma to class experiences an
unacceptable degree of malfunctions; usually
misfires (light primer hits with no discharge) or failures to extract. I have seen every make and model of gun malfunction
at some point, granted - many due to operator
error; but the Sigma series seems more prone
than others.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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