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Adjusting brass pile location ...

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More help needed!

My stock .38 Super Commander likes to eject most of the brass to the front about 4 or 5' at about 30 to 45 degrees to the right from the shooting position. :roll:

It has the factory ejector (looks like short version). Any ideas?

Thanks! Mike
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Is this a problem? If your gun is ejecting and feeding reliably, why mess with it?
I could see two possible problems. The main one being that brass ejecting forward would make it nearly impossible to retreive your brass at some indoor ranges. Also isn't 5 feet a bit far to throw brass?
It's at the outdoor range and hard to find the brass off the concrete. I have been told the gun is "scarce" and cannot lower the port or put a rollover cut in the slide.

It runs 100% so far, not counting one hang up of the disconnector (slide is not in spec.) and I have to take another .001 or two off disconnector.

I just want to know how to get brass (for any 1911) to land in piles as described on other posts .... :smile: I always have to chase brass :roll: Mike
Well, I don't think 5' is unusual for ejection. Again, you've stated it is reliable - I would leave it.
Have you seen those lil' bags that hang on the side of yer' gun?

...just kiddin'...Here's a couple links...maybe they'll help...

http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/tech/reli ... ecrets.htm



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Will take a look at those threads gyp c2. I do have a catcher that sits on the bench, et but the G-21 & .38 Super have a 95% chance of missing it.... :roll: Mike
LOL...I know what ya' mean...I just couldn't use one after a not so subtle friend of mine described 'em as a "douche bag" one not so wide awake morning awhile back...
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First, remember that the guns are meant to group BULLETS, not brass. That said, consistent ejection is important to reliability. The actual direction of the ejection is largely determined by the interaction between the brass, ejector, and extractor. The nose of the ejector can be reprofiled a bit to let the brass roll off to the right and upward. If looking at the ejector nose, ie. the frame is pointing TOWARD you, you'd lightly bevel the left side of the nose and cut a little angle into the 10:30 corner of the ejector. You can also get away just fine without profiling the ejector at all. I usually cut a harder angle on my 10:30 to ensure good rollover on ejection. If your gun has a stock ejection port, the angle of ejection may well be limited by the size of the opening available. HTH
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