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Hello. I was wondering if any afficianados use aftermarket bbls in their Brownings.

I have a couple of mine fitted with BarSto bbls for shooting cast bullets and do have one Federal Ordinance 6" bbl that surprised me in that I got pretty good groups out of it.

Anyone have any other make bbls that they can comment on and enlighten the rest of us as to whether they "shoot" or not?


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Bar-sto barrels are 2 piece, like all FN HP barrels.

The reason for this according to Bar-Sto is that the different, opposing grain structure they use in making the bottom lugs, makes for a stronger barrel.

Apparently some one piece barrels made in years past by FN (and Bar-Sto) sheared the lower lug prematurely.

I have heard reports of Bar-Sto's separating tho.

KKM precision barrels are one piece, and are the preferred barrel of Kurt Wickmann, who has worked on more HP's than anyone.

Oly Arms barrels are drop-in, but look decent for the money.

Kart needs to get in the game. A 4350 CM Kart one-piece would be quite tough indeed.

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For what it's worth:

I've used two Olympic Arms 'drop-in' barrels on two different hi-powers. The first, a recent practical, went from a real accuracy problem to a very accurate pistol.

The second, a 'Belgian' hi-power that's always been pretty accurate shrank it's groups by about a third.

Both dropped in with VERY minimal fitting, and you can't beat the price.

All in all, I'm very pleased.

Hope this helps,

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