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Alessi DOJ holster

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Two trips through the airports carrying a Sig P-245 with the holster (I'm LEO). No one noticed (I'm sure someone would have notified airport police). My non-sworn partner said she can't see the print of the gun and that it was concealed very well. The combo was comfortable not only wearing it all day but on airline seats as well.
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What kind of cover garmet were you wearing?
Oddjob, Thanks for those acolades! Glad to know the holster is performing as advertised.
Or,,,on the other hand, maybe I was being a little too presumptuous! :grin: Could be the airport security was lax :grin: From what I understand a person could have walked through Boston's Logan Airport with a Buscadero two gun rig, and a bomb strapped to their body, and get through security!
I was wearing a suit. The most impressive part for me was that the holster was comfortable in an airline seat!!! The suit was at the airports. I also wear the holster under a loose shirt at work. The bottom line is this....Buy it...It's that good. After 23 yrs of carrying a handgun this is the best in a DOJ/Nelson design holster.
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