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Alessi kudos

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Two days ago, I received an ACP trimmed in Sharkskin from Dane. Just came from the range and this is the best holster I've ever owned ( and I have a shameful amount of holsters). The fit, function and looks of this holster is outstanding. If you don't have one, get one. Thanks, Lou.

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I got my ACP today. Nice holster. Tight fit. Probably going to have to do the do sock trick to loosen it up. I can't to tote my piece around in my ACP.
Jeff, Thank you. I'm glad you like the holster.

Matt, Try using the plastic bag that the holster came in to wrap around the gun, and put it into the holster. Let it sit overnight. That should stretch it enough.
You don't by any chance have a Springfield armory pistol do you.
If your pistol is a SA, and the holster isn't marked on the back as such, it will be very tight.
It's amazing how many different dimentions we come accross today with all these manufacturers making the same gun!
Lou, Why yes I do have an SA pistol. After a night in the holster the fit is not as tight. In fact I am wearing it right now. I got up early this morning to check the draw speed and to see where to wear it my belt. In short Works Good!

Do you have different profiles for your holsters between a SA frame and a Colt or Kimber frame?
Mute, Yes we do. The Springfield dust cover is considerably thicker than either the Colt, or Kimber. You can force a Springfield pistol into a holster that was molded for a Colt, Kimber, Wilson, Baer, etc, but it must be left to stretch for a day or so, to work correctly. It will be very tight in the begining, and usually you can notice where the dust cover portion of the frame is actually stretching the leather to fit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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