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I just got my first Alessi holster 3 days ago.It`s a Talon Plus.Boy is it comfortable.It cost less than half than my Mitch Rosen ARG did and it fits me better.Thanks for all you guys out there that recormended Alessi Holsters.Now I can`t wait till my CQC/I comes in for my S&W 1076.

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On 2001-05-01 14:56, DblTap wrote:
I've got a Talon plus for my Kahr K9. It's got to be the best kept secret in concealment holsters. Using the clip instead of belt loops helps trim the bulk to a minimum.
I got two of them and a watch six on order and I have to agree
the quality and fit are great. This is the best option for a clip on holster.
Also Mr. Alessi is a great gentleman to do business with.
I got my talon plus for my Star PD yesterday and the wait was well worth it:)lso the confort and the standard slide guard are a Plus!!!
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