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Lou -

Just want to thank you for the best holster I have ever strapped (or should that be "clipped") on. I received my WSDT Friday, 7/13/2001, and by Saturday evening I was in love with it.

I am a VERY large man and have had problems finding an IWB holster that didn't poke, pinch or bind thing I didn't want poked, pinched or bound. This holster clipped to my waistband, held on like a scared baby monkey, and DISAPPEARED. I wore the thing all day Saturday, and my wife and kids, who are used to monitoring me and letting me know if I'm printing in any way, did not know I had it on!

You just made all my other 4" 1911 holsters obsolete. I'll be contacting you soon for something for my Makarov, and perhaps for my 4" Security Six.

Good stuff, Sir!

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