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Believe it or not, Unique is one of the most accurate powders with lead bullets hands down, IMHO and a lot of old timers that know their business. The reason being is that it is a slower burning powder, doesnt burn the base of the bullet, and the slower time burn time allows the bullet to seal with the bore better, thus engaging the lands and grooves properly.
Yes, it is dirty. One thing I have found with Unique is that it is crimp sensitive with autoloading cartridges(.45, 9mm, etc.). A healthy crimp with a lead bullet takes care of a lot of standard deviation by getting the powder to burn more uniformly. The standard admonition about not too much crimp applies mainly to jacketed bullets. Obviously too much crimp with a lead bullet will deform the bullet and cause major accuracy problems, but with slower burning powders you need to crimp more than you do for jacketed bullets. I havent tried any of the new improved Unique yet, hopefully it will have all the good qualities and be cleaner. Be safe, DougC
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