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On 2001-05-28 12:20, Joe Ford wrote:
No experience with unique but I have used Hodgdon universal which is allmost identical. I have heard that Hodgdon doesn't make powder they buy and repackage it. Anyway back to your point. I experienced the exact same results chronographing .40 S&W loads I changed weights .2 grs at a time whent up and down the scale and ended up with about 80 fps deviation. A word of caution the only kaboom I have ever had in any caliber in 15 years of loading was with 5.2 grs universal behind a 180 gr jhp the charge was weighed and oal miked Hodgdon lists max charge as 5.4 grs. I also found velocity alot higher than it should have been. I'm now trying it in a .44mag cowboy loads 200 gr lrn at around 800fps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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