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Hey Guys,

Great thread on a subject that is very current with me. I have a Springfield TRP Professional 1911 (with ambi safety) that I'm testing for an article for Harris. This is the same gun that the FBI SWAT operators are issued.

I carry it as often as I can in Lou's Heinie DOJ, or Sparks 55BN or 1AT. When carrying in a suit, using the DOJ, I have found the ambi safety knocked off five or six times. I can't say what knocked the safety off. Maybe my elbow, maybe the seatbelt buckle. I also had the same problem with my Baer Priemier II and have since replaced the ambi with a C&S Tactical.

Unless the ambi capability is a must, I am not in favor of them.


"The unarmed man is not just defenseless - he is also contemptible"

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