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I am a lefty that can shoot right handed if NEEDED. In carry practice I would carry on my left side. I would use an ambi safety.
Your question of, if you had to swipe a standard safety with your left hand, how long would it take. The simple answer is try it? Can you do it at all? Are you close to dropping the gun? Understress could you without dropping the gun. With a beavertail it is almost impossible to reach around with your thumb and not have the gun WAY out of position. Reaching back with your index finger requires more movement than I have. The best thing would be to swipe the safety with your right hand on the draw. However if you are left handed and drawing from the left. The safety will be exposed anyway so there is nothing keeping it from being swiped by accident. With an ambi safety it gives the holster a place to hold the safety in place.

Now if you are right handed and right hand drawing. WHY would you want or need to draw left handed? If your arm is pinned or disabled and you needed to draw with your left hand, getting the gun out of the holster would be the biggest trouble. It would probably be fastest to swipe the safety in the holster than draw. (not the safest)
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