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Ambi safety

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South paw here and currently own a Kimber GCII. It came with an ambi safety, appears to be slim/tactical in size. I have noticed that the left side extends off the frame more, due to the slide release (imo) than it does on the right side (used for south paws). Im having some difficulty from time to time with manipulating the safety, would I benifit by going to the wide style ambi or is this something I need to adjust to? Would this have an affect on carry, you know wider safety catching on clothing ,belt? Also, is there a thin/tactical safety that extends out on the right side of the frame as does the left side?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Brown makes a good tac ambi safety. I like regular ambi safeties. I don't notice anyof my safeties (slim and regular) catching on anything. Have a gunsmith install your safety. Doing it yourself is an easy way to flush $60 down the toilet.
You did not say if the trouble was in getting the safety off or on. If you are having a hard time getting it on then you may want to look at the grip panel of the gun. Sometimes there is not much room between the top of the grip and the bottom of the safety and this can make it difficult to get your thumb properly engaged. You can relieve the top of the grip panel just a bit and it should help with this problem. Look for a photo of one of the Valtro guns on this board and you will see what I mean.
Good luck and God bless.

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Thanks JM and Gunner45.
I didn't mention that is was pushing up with the thumb to set the safety on.
Gunner45 I think your suggestion might do the trick. Having more surface space/area will make this a more consistent action.
Thanks again! :grin:
I, too, am a southpaw and find the usual ambi. safties are designed for occasional use by right-handers.

I have my ambi. safeties made up from the competition ambis that have the wide paddles on both sides. I then have the gunsmith/mfgr. trim the paddles on both sides to the approximate size of the Wilson #6N safety. This works much better than the sliver found on the r/h side of conventional factory "tactical" ambi. safeties.
I would like to know more about what you have had done.
What safety is it that you aquire and then shave down to size. Is it a size you have defined or is it a standard that any gunsmith knows.
More info would be helpful. This will be my carry gun and I would like to set it up for my personal needs.
I prefer the Wilson #423 (?) (or the Ed Brown equivalent) competition high-ride s/s safety with the paddles on both sides trimmed to the dimensions of the Wilson #6N thumb paddle. It's possible that Wilson would sell you the part so modified.

I would encourage you to have Dane Burns install this for you, along with his tool-steel BCP ignition system and a tool-steel slide-stop. Works for me.

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