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I just picked up a Stainless Compact (on order forever) to replace one stolen back in January. I'm a big Kimber fan, but I gotta tell you I'm not impressed with this one.

The finish is uniform but kinda rough like they went to a coarser media in the beadblaster. This could be my imagination, BUT:

1)It has the worst trigger I've ever felt on a 1911. Creepy doesn't begin to cover it. I haven't stripped it yet but I'm _real_ curious about those hammer hooks. And,

2)the barrel is simply bizarre - the muzzle isn't co-axial with the rest of the barrel. Presumably the bore is straight, but viewed from the side it looks like the last 3/4" of the barrel has been cut off, moved up a 1/16" and put back on. I _know_ my old one didn't look like this.

I just brought it home and stuck it in the safe.


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