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There I was, on my lunch break, heading down to the local burger joint, when I suddenly had the idea of heading down to the local gun shop. "Maybe they'll have some 1911's I haven't seen yet", I thought to myself. Once I got down there, I took a good 2 minutes to scan things over, and suddenly a little steel beauty caught my attention. Sitting inside the dusty glass case was a precious little Kimber Compact Custom in matte black. There she was, lying peacefully in the case. I looked at it..and she smiled at me...the end of her 4.25" stainless steel bull barrel glistening at me. At first I was weary, since I've owned a less-than 5" 1911 before (Kimber Pro Carry), with an aluminum frame, and the feed ramp just got ate up by JHP's because Kimber decided to take the hard anodizing off of it. Well, I made sure this one had a steel frame. The fit and finish was great, and thank god, the safety worked good (I've had bad luck with clunky thumb safeties in the past).

Well, buy it, I did, and 5 minutes later, I walked out a happy man. Now the remaining task is figuring out how I'm going to break it to my gf that I bought yet *another* gun. :smile:

I've been wanting to get a compact for the longest time, but seemingly just never got around to it. This little gal is completely stock/base etc, and of course, subject to some customization.

I'd like to hear some suggestions from you fellas who own Kimbar Compacts on how best (in your opinions) to customize, or not customize this particular gun. Already a given, is 30lpi and either Heinie or Novak sights, and a beavertail with a big pad, since my hand never seems to press the stock Kimber grip safeties very well.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

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