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Andrew's Leather

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Anyone familiar with Sam Andrew's leather? Nice workmanship and affordable prices. While I don't like a lot of his designs, there is one that I really like.

This is a "McDaniel II." Basically a copy of a Rosen ARG. The snap loop is nice for easy on/off if work or other situations merit this. This one has been used daily for almost four years, and it still looks great.

Gun is an early Kimber Classic Custom with "No Name" nite sights, S&A magwell, and skateboard tape on the front strap. I keep thinking about having some work done on it, but it runs flawlessly, and "If it aint broke, don't fix it!"

Knife is a Jerry Hossom "Raptor."

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Andrews makes some really nice leather - and this comes from someone who prefers to carry in kydex. I rarely wear an IWB holster, but when I do, it is a MacDaniel II - it's a great holster.

I also have his shoulder rig and a crossdraw holster for car use. Sam makes great belts too. I have several of them. Very rigid. I especially like the one with the tapered front - looks like a dress belt if you are wearing a jacket.
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