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Any 10mm reloaders?

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Anyone have any recipies for 10mm 180gr loads that they like and would be willing to share?

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Just getting started in loading 10mm myself. I have been loading .40 S&W for a 1911 single stack for awhile. My plans are to use VV N320 and N330 with 180gr West Coast Bullets. Since I will be loading for IDPA, I need to come up with a low PF load for ESP, min. 125 PF, and a 165 PF load for when they come to their sences and move 10mm back to CDP. I too would be interested in any recipes.
I was using 180 Montana Gold flat point with 5.6gr. of WW231 and getting about 975fps out of a Delta Elite before I was rudely interupted by IDPAs decision to move it to ESP.
I have found that the Long Shot data is too close to the edge.

AA#9 is better, but runs out of case capacity a little above book loads.

800-X is the traditional favorite, and seems to work well.

180 gr bullets vary in length. Write the bullet length down in your loading notes.

The OAL max that will work in your magazine depends on the nose shape of the bullet. I have to work up a length for each bullet brand.

IMHO, 180 gr is the best for 10mm.

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I see that 800x is popular... anyone have any experience with 700x? I was given a five pound can, and want to use it up. I thought about 6 grains with a 180gr bullet.

IMR 700x and 800X are both great powders for 10mm I have used them both. It is alittle dirter than 231 Winchester or AA. But on the flip side of the coin 700x is the cheapiest. I get both 700x and 800x 5lbs cans for $55.00.
Well, I started loading with 700x saturday... It seems to be metering much better this time than the last time I tried it. But then I'm using a different powder measure (another Dillon). My OAL is about 1.255 and I crimped it at about .420-.422.

Now all I need to do is get my gun and do a little shooting.

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