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Any 3 gunners here??

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I've shot 3-gun for a couple of years,not too many big matches but I have shot SOF and every local match within 100 miles.
Anyone going to 3-gun nats. this year (2002)?
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I am new to 3 gun, really only the rifle part of it. I would appreciate your experience on optics setups for ARs. I have difficulty seeing targets much past 75 yards and thus want some magnification. However, we also engage targets in shoothouses at 3-20 yards. What is the optimal setup for this that you have seen?

Howard Benz
Howard, Personaly I am trying to get away from optics because it puts you in open. If you want to shoot w/ optics you have a ton of choices and its really hard to say what will work best for someone else. I have used a ACOG TA-11. I like it but it can be a little slower on close shots. The best set up I have seen is a low variable (1-4,2-7) scope on top and a red dot mounted to the side of the scope or on the handguard.
I don't know of any websites where you can view different ways people have thier guns set up.
I try to shoot a lot of 3-Gun matches, but the date conflicts with my home club. We moved our match day starting next year so I will be able to start shooting every month again.

I mainly shoot open class for 3-Gun and here is what I am using. A 16 inch Douglas barrel with brake, JP handguard, JARD trigger, DPMS extended upper receiver and Harris bi-pod. I have two scopes I use. I Leupold 1.5-5 and a Tasco dot. I just look at the stages and decide what scope to put on. Close stuff (100 and in) gets the dot and past that the regular scope comes out. Rumor has it that Leupold will introduce a non magnified scope for muzzle loaders next year. That would be great. A true 1-5.

If it’s windy, I use 69 gn bullets. The rest of the time its 55 gn ballistic tips and Varget.

I try to use nothing other than 20 round mags, although I have a 40 rounder that actually works.

My shotgun is an old Benelli and an old 1100.

I am going to try to make 3-gun nationals this year shooting limited, but with world events lately, I don’t know if I am coming or going sometimes. I think I have shot one match since the 11th. Zero dry fire.

AF Shooting Team
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I was squaded with a guy that works at Leupold at the Steel Challenge. He said they are working on a variable power red dot scope around 1-3x. It is going to be marketed towards 3 gun.
I used a Zeiss dot scope last year and loved it. Too bad it was a loner and not a freebie, or at least affordable.

Great news about the Leupold dot scope. I can only hope it is a variable and has at least a 30mm tube.

AF Shooting Team
I sure wish there'd be some 3-gun matches around here in Michigan.... pretty seldom I get to do any action competition with the long guns.
Ned, to get 3 gun started try having a long gun side match at each hand gun match(idpa,ipsc). One month do rifle and the next shotgun. Keep the stage simple and limit the rounds starting in the gun to keep it fair such as 5 in shotgun. After doing this for a few months schedule a 3gun match. This is how my club hooked me on 3-gun. They would even let shooters (who didnot have or did not bring) borrow a rifle or shotgun to shoot in the side match.

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I missed out on my own thread,my POS computer died and it took me a while to get around. Anyway about the Leuopold,its called the CQ/T. Its pretty cool, I had a chance to actualy go to Leupold and play with it. Even put a few rounds thru a AR with one. These are a 3-gunners dream. They are spendy but so is the whole sport.
Glad to see there are a few other 3-gunners here. Anyone going to 3-gun nationals (IPSC)?
I think Sidelock has a good idea,I have seen a club in E. Wa do this in the last couple of years.
3 Gun is at LGC in Brighton, MI every second Sunday, May until November. The October match was a special event and especially good, lots of prizes and super courses of fire,about nine stages total.
Hi Steve,
I'm here I can't make it to nationals (my Boss is a jerk) but I'll go to Area 1 3-gun with ya
See ya
BTW the chances of gettting the jerk to go are looking prety good we just need to get him out shooting and he'll be hooked again
Jim, Glad to see you found this board. I have been working on him,but he's been hard to move. 3 gun match first weekend in March
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