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I'm new to this forum and I'm impressed with the knowledge base here. Seems like a great place to get some opinions based on experience and testing rather than mob mentality.

Under specifications on the web site it puts a 125gr Gold dot down range at 1500 FPS and 624 LBs energy. I've shot it in my Ruger and while it does have a bit of a kick to it I don't see it as much different than Federal's or Remington's full blown loads. I don't have access to a chrono to measure it in my gun. Thoughts on this load?

I like Proload both from a company standpoint and their different loads. My BHP likes the 9mm and as soon as I get my Springfield back from the gunsmith I plan on getting some of their loads for it.

After seeing the test results of the Gold Dot in the .45 thread I think I like this ammo even more.

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