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Well I had one for a while and have dealt with a bunch of them and I don't really recommend them, but in the end it is up to you.

For about the same money I think you would be much better off to go with an entry level Anschutz or Walther target rifle.

You never know what they might like as far as ammo. I tried all the premimum stuff in mine and the only thing it shot well was the cheap Winchester Wildcat high velocity stuff.

The trigger is rather heavy for a target rifle, but I am also used to the Anschutz trigger on a small bore rifle and the trigger on a Steyr air rifle, both of which are incredible light and smooth, but on guns much more expensive.

Prices on the 2000 very a great deal, but they can be found in the $350 neighborhood so don't pay to much for one.

The biggest flaw of the rifle though is the sights they put on them. If you want any sort of accuracy past 25 yards a sight up grade is necessary.

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