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Just curious what you think of the gun. I KNOW DiFabio will have some words for me :grin:
I see them on auction sites for about 3 grand now.

David, I KNOW you are going to be looking at this, so...if I wanted to get a MP5K on a Form 4, what should I be looking for? Vollmer conversion? I understand that there are serveral C2 manufactures that have done conversions, so:

1. who's the best
2. WHERE should I go searching?

My neighbor has some NFA goodies, and told me that our CLEO will sign Form 4's. Was surprised to hear that, considering where I live (liberal land) :wink:

Without knowing what your budget is, it is going to be hard to speculate here.

I will try to shed some light and will depend on you to provide some insight into your budget.

First I will say that my own personal preference runs to a "maximum value" conversion or a conversion that restored the original swing down pin mounting/mating feature of the HK machine gun receiver, this is easily determined by the presence of the factory style "flapper"/paddle magazine release and the removal of the U shaped channel ledge on the magazine housing and the addition of a bushing pinned through or swing down receiver mount.
This ledge was used by HK to legally import the "sporting" semi auto guns as they could not be assembled with a machine gun or swing down receiver.

If you purchase a configuration in the original pin/bushing style you own a gun that is easily serviced and maintained as all standard/surplus machine gun parts fit your conversion.

This is far and away the preferred and most valued conversion gun the next alternative and less attractive guns are the type referred to as "auto sear guns".

An auto sear gun is in reality a cheaply done converted semi auto receiver that uses the original ledge/retainer clip feature or in essence a restricted/limited auto receiver with a machine gun "SEF" pack in most cases but not all, as it is possible to do the conversion with only an indent in the trigger housing and a modified catch/disconnector (auto sear) and the addition of a release lever.
The catch or "auto sear" as it is referred to is the commonly overpriced and hyped piece of the less desirable semi-conversion gun.

In the hey day of conversions several unscrupulous manufacturers rushed to register these modified semi auto parts as the NFA parts as they could not or did not want to incur the costs or producing and registering a true receiver conversion.

This created the booming auto sear market dominated by both Fleming and Volmer.
These "auto sears" are engineered designs and are not just legally available HK parts. These are legal semi auto HK parts that were widely available at the time and are now sold through machinegun news and various class three sales papers.

For the true collector or aficionado the purchase of a Golden State Arms original G3 lower is the basis of the title 1 sleeper for a full auto 91 conversion gun.
This is because the original GSA G3 imports were legally imported pin/bushing receivers fully compatible with all registered and unregistered NFA parts.
These are the only known legally imported semi auto machine gun compatible swing receivers ever imported.

For my money the registered receiver conversions are the only way to go but be forewarned the cost to own a true MP5 conversion and not a muddled auto sear conversion is disproportionately high, high enough that they are rarely advertised.

This is one two roads available to the serious collector, the second and albeit more expense path still is the purchase of a true legally imported NFA registered factory HK machine gun, their are a small number of real true to life guns in private ownership.

I have even had the opportunity in 1996 to bid on a legally transferable ATF approved factory built new 10mm MP5 at a starting price of $45,000.00. It is the only legal 10mm MP5 known to be in the US and was sold/transferred for over $100K.

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David covered most of the bases very well.
I have an SP89 which has been converted to MP5K-PDW configuration with a Fleming registered sear. Got mine in 1991. Best investment ever, considering registered sears are selling for more now than I've got in the whole package. (This little heat-treated steel part would be worth less money if crafted in solid gold).
To do this conversion, you not only need a registered sear (currently $3,500-$4,000.00), but also a trip-lever or release lever (available from HK). Your gun must also have a full-auto hammer. Check to see if your hammer has two notches on it's lower front. Some SP89's came with MP5 hammers, other's did not. You will also need a full-auto bolt carrier; also available from the factory or HK parts dealers for about $150.00; or you can have a full-auto "step" welded onto your bolt carrier. No SP89's came with a F/A bolt carrier. I opted for the factory part. If you feel the need for a more closely realistic conversion, paddle magazine releases are available and easily installed in the mag-well; and empty polymer MP5K S-E-F lower receiver hulls can be found. These are not and never were a serial numbered part, so can be purchased with no FFL. This makes for the most realistic conversion. You will need to cut the lower front of a S-E-F housing to fit onto the semi-auto SP89 upper receiver. A large hook on the SP89 receiver replaces the lower pin attatchment on a genuine MP5K.
Anyway, as you can see, you need more than just a sear. Hope this helps some. If you any further questions, e-mail me.

Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity
Garrity's Gunleather

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<<I have even had the opportunity in 1996 to bid on a legally transferable ATF approved factory built new 10mm MP5 at a starting price of $45,000.00. It is the only legal 10mm MP5 known to be in the US and was sold/transferred for over $100K. >>

You must be kidding?!?!?! Its a decent sub-gun but hardly worth that kind of flow...

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JLM, I have a SP-89 and I like it a lot. I sometimes bring it to Pueblo IPSC matches just to put some ammo through it. A lot of folks have never seen/shot one and I (they) usually go through about 600-900 rounds of ammo.

If you do decide to come down for a match, get in touch with me first and I will be sure to bring it.

The CLEO down here in Colorado Springs will sign off and anything but silencers. Too bad I really want a can for it.

It is great fun to shoot and very accurate actually. It and my Casull would be one of the last toys I would sell.

AF Shooting Team
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