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High fella's,Just found your wonderfull and informative group of forums.I just hope I've picked the right one for my question.

Anyhow, I'm researching my first custom 1911 type purchase and came across the .45 Super info.They have some impressive power in their Super Express Loads,and the ability to shoot .45ACP in these guns has piqued my interest.I'm wondering if any of you guys have owned or done a .45 Super conversion.If not Springfield Armory,Ace Custom and Robar are the only places I've found with(basically) ready made guns.

The Sptingfield V16 is basically a loaded 6", ported longslide in stainless.From what I've read these guns will need alittle work to be real satisfying,which is fine since they're a cheap starting point.That leaves Ace and Robar,Both of which I'm having trouble finding feedback on from owners.

Any info on doing these conversions,opinions on the cartridge or the quality of the above mentioned companies respected works is much appreciated.
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