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Anyone own the Freedom Arms in .45 Colt?

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Wondering how you like the pistol. Have held them, never shot them, now kinda in the mood to trade for one and hunt with it next year.

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I bought a Model 83, the full size one, about six years ago as a present to myself for making E-7. I ordered it in 454 and a spare cylinder in 45 ACP. The best thing about the 454 cylinder is that you can fire 45 colt in it with no problems. Accuracy off bags at 50 yards with 45 colt ammo was less than 1.25 inches. 3 of the five usually went into .75 or so. That was with N110 and 378 grains of LBT heat-treated Linotype.

I haven’t shot a model 97 in 45 Colt though. I would like one in 41 mag though.

I hunted antelope last year with it and did well. Iron sights don’t cut it for more than 75-85 yards. I went with a dot sight. Faster and easier to hit with.

Good luck to you and don’t forget to wear gloves when shooting those monsters. That and get a 45 ACP cylinder to help with the flinch you WILL develop.

AF Shooting Team
I too have and like the Freedom Arms revolvers.
My newest is the model 83 50AS in 6" barrel.
It is amazingly accurate and the .50AE is definitely a "boomer" it is funny to see the heads turn on the indoor range when I touch off one of the Samson 300gr rounds.

I also have a model 83 454as US Marshalls model with 3 5/8" barrel and yes it thumps my hand quite nicely.
So, a few years back I started using .45 Colt loads in it to save myself from early Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

I have always been extremely impressed with the fit/finish/ and action of these revolvers and feel that they do not get the credit they deserve.

I would fully expect that the model 97 is excellent as well.
I have a Model 83 Premier Grade 6" 454 with an extra 45LC Cylinder. It is a very accurate revolver. I had an over travel screw installed with a 3 1/2 lb trigger pull from the factory. Well worth the wait!

I have been shooting some "heavy" Long Colts from Buffalo Bore and the recoil is similar to a .44 Magnum.

Freedom Arms does NOT recommend shooting 45LC's in the 454 Cylinder!!
Old topic but a good one. My 5.5 inch .45 LC in a Model 97 had distinctly more recoil or flip compared to the SAA. Maybe that's because of the tiny cylinder gap. This is a very finely crafted revolver. I sold mine and got one in a .357. It's also superb.
I'm a real newby when it comes to the FA's but have been down the road with guns in general for forty years. Just bought a used M83 a six incher in .454 with a .45 Colt cylinder. I was VERY amazed at the accuracy with .45 Colts. Even with my old eyes I shot a few 1"x1" ragged one hole groups at 25 yds. Looking forward to a good range day with my chronograph and some of my handloads.

I am a real fan of the older S&W's and Colts back when they really made them. Gotta tell you the Freedom Arms revolvers are very similar. The fit and finish is superb, real pride of ownership stuff. Throw in the amazing accuracy and I can see how a guy needs to have at least two or three of them.

FN in MT
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