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Appears that Swamp as been driven off.

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Well it looks like Wild Bill, Johnny T and some other pistoleros have exposed Swamp for the fraud that he appears to be and he has fled this Forum. I'm sure he will re-invent himself and appear somewhere else.....
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Nah. He's lurkin'. It's probably dawned on him that maybe...just maybe...he was a little wide of the mark in his assessments, though.
What's the deal with that guy? Seriously, I'm new to this forum. From what I gather, this swamp character is miffed because a guy called wild bill said he invented the 1911. If he did, I'm sure it was a joke or figure of speech. Whatever happened, swamp is mad. It's not really my business, but I can't help but wonder what causes a person to act that way towards someone who they've only communicated with through text on a forum.
Swamp, super troll for lack of better term, finally admitted that "I am GunKid".

Google GunKid.
All I can say is "wow". It's really very sad. That guy needs help. It's good to know that, even though I've been unemployed since last January, I still have better things to do than that. That really lifted my spirits. Seriously, thanks for that.
You're welcome. Merry Xmas. Hope 2013 will be a lot better for you.

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