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AR10 Magazines

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Anyone have experience with the converted M14 magazines for use in the ar10? Are they pretty reliable?

Also, anyone know a source for pre ban 20 round AR10 Mags?

Thank You, Ted
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my local gun store has 2 waffle style on their shelf, i didn't look at the price. what are they going for ?
the Waffel mags are for origional AR 10
and fit the SR 25. they will not fit the
current production AR 10.

Ted We can alter your mags if you need.
geo ><>
Ted We can alter your mags if you need.
geo ><>
What do I buy the M14 mags and bring them in?

FWIW, I have not bought my rifle yet, but Pete, one of my IDPA Safety Officers bought his last sunday & now he's looking for the magazines. He's best friends with Bill B, the man you built that M1911 for. I told him what you had and he should be contacting you next week. He is rather anxious to get some mags for his new toy.

FWIW, after shooting his AR-10, I may just get an AR15. The gun & ammo is pricey, and the gun lacks a forward assist. This is rather annoying as the new 10 round magazines kept jamming .

Thanks, Ted

It's a rather nice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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