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On 2001-06-12 10:01, Mossyrock wrote:
Has anyone tried building a full-house custom gun using an Argentine Systema Colt 1911-A1 as a base gun? I have heard good things about them quality-wise as military guns. Since you usually dump everything except the frame and slide, this might be a fairly cheap way to start out with a genuine Colt. Just a thought.
They were well made with good steel, however they are not totaly spec ( inside parts too ) to the Hartford Guns. Also the manufacturing process was revised over time. This is from Chuck Clawson`s Book on the commercial Colts.

The ones I have seen from the late 1940`s - 1950`s, especially the Navy Guns, have been very fine.
I still regret passing on one of those all original for $300 in 1999. :sad:

Some of the guns that came in about 2-3 years ago were excellent, and a great value, however many were arsenal refinished with poor quality internal parts.

While a good idea for use in a semi-custom, or carry Gun, I doubt that a full house Gun built on a Sistema would retain much resale value, the dollars saved from a Series 70 being a minor part of what a Full House Gun from a major builder will cost, IMHO.

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